Chuck Klosterman to visit Trinity University

Screenshot from the event site

According to his bio, "One of the most singular and exciting cultural critics of our generation, Chuck Klosterman captures what it feels like to navigate our pop-obsessed, media-saturated culture."

As you know, Chuck Klosterman will visit Trinity University next week. At 7:00 p.m. on Monday, February 27, he will deliver a lecture about “life through the prism of popular culture” at the Ruth Taylor Fine Arts Center Recital Hall.

Chuck is the author of two readings from our course syllabus. His article “Space, time and DVR mechanics” explores the ways that digital recording has transformed our enjoyment of televised sporting events. We also read a short excerpt from Eating the Dinosaur in which Klosterman concedes much of the Unabomber’s critique of industrial civilization while gleefully acknowledging his complicity with our contemporary media landscape.

“Instead of confronting reality and embracing the Experience of Being Alive,” writes Klosterman. “I will sit here and read about Animal Collective over the Internet. Again. I will read about Animal Collective again. And not because the content is important or amusing or well written, but because the content exists. Reading about Animal Collective has replaced being alive.”

It will be a great talk. Please plan to attend, and please tell your friends.

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Who were you DenverCoder9? What did you see?!

xKCD cartoon about dead forum threads

Yet another awesome comic from xkcd: A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.

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Graphic design knowledge: Blessing or curse?

Thanks to rrodgers42 for mentioning this recent xkcd comic. It is the perfect follow-up to last week’s discussion of typefaces and graphic design.

Yet another awesome comic from xkcd: A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.

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Badge. HTML Intermediate

Me writing out the code for the website and trying out a tad bit of CSS styling 🙂

In total, I ran into two problems while creating this website.     The first problem had to do with the new navigation bar, which required a text image-based toolbar rather than the original text-based link and vertical pipes separating each link. In order to make a text-image be linked to an html, I found this site, which provided me a very good example of how I could have the image reference within the link reference <a href></a> tags. The other problem that I ran into was figuring out how to get the unordered list to have actual bullets next to each sample articles I linked. At first, I enclosed each sample article with the <ul> tag, but that did not give me the bullets I wanted. Fortunately, a quick search landed me here, where a quick and easy demonstration helped me to create the bullet points I wanted. I also included a small bit of CSS code to have a more consistent look across all my html pages. Overall, this wasn’t too difficult to create and I would still love to learn more about HTML and the various kinds of structure it allows coders to create that CSS is unable to provide. My website can be visited here.

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Badge. HTML Basics

This assignment was pretty simple and straightforward. For some reason it was very exciting for me to do because it was essentially the first time I ever did something like this. I did not run into any issues once I figured out how to do the coding for everything. This assignment took me 30 minutes or so. I am sure that most of my questions that I have will be answered by the end of the semester. I hope that by the end I will have the ability to create a full blown website for myself in which I can incorporate both CSS and Javascript in there to really make it shine–but I realize I have a long way to go. I also hope that at some point we will discuss (either in class or outside) how to describe the web design skills we’ve acquired from this class in our resumes.

Screenshot of Recipe, HTML Basics Badge

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Badge: HTML Intermediate- Dropek

I feel like a cheated a little bit with this one-but I copied from myself, so I don’t technically know if that’s cheating. I went back to my code for the lego people websites and used it to create a new skeleton that I would use as my starting point for coding all four pages for this badge.

I didn’t really have any problems except that I’m still dubious as to the huge awesome power of CSS we’ve been talking about. It’s probably because I just don’t know anything- but I have difficulty imagining how CSS can do anything fancy to the code used for these pages other than change the background color… But like I said, I don’t know much except for that I’m probably, usually wrong. So, yay for learning more soon! here’s the lovely, bland site itself!

Screenshot of Homework Site

A lovely aside, these blog articles were actually very interesting!

Addendum: I am terrible at making things pretty. I just went back in and put a screenshot of each blog referenced onto the page like Dr. Delwiche had done. But his site still looks way cooler than mine. Maybe it’s the inappropriateness of Baskerville font in this setting…c’est la vie.

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I hate reading other people’s code

(Thanks to schluckebier for forwarding this web comic!)

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