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Complete List of Badges

The following paragraphs are excerpted from the syllabus for COMM 3344. Interactive Multimedia (Web Design). As part of their final grade, students were asked to pursue their own customized pathway through material related to the world of web design. Possibilities … Continue reading

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Radically cool new phone interface: Google Tap

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Awesome CSS tricks and a warning

As noted in my recent message to the class mailing list, new CSS properties completely transform our approach to multiple column layouts. This will be very useful for responsive design and for attempts to incorporate grid systems. The only catch … Continue reading

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Notes from Cornelius presentation

The talk that Kathryn Cornelius delivered yesterday was both inspirational and informative. Before we all head out on Spring Break, I wanted to jot down key take-aways from her presentation. Near the end of class, she mentioned that she gets … Continue reading

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Must see TV: President Eisenhower’s farewell address

This short video highlights the key arguments from Eisenhower’s farewell address, reducing a lengthy speech to a compelling clip that is only 151 seconds long. Of course it goes without saying that there was not a somber musical score in … Continue reading

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Chuck Klosterman to visit Trinity University

As you know, Chuck Klosterman will visit Trinity University next week. At 7:00 p.m. on Monday, February 27, he will deliver a lecture about “life through the prism of popular culture” at the Ruth Taylor Fine Arts Center Recital Hall. … Continue reading

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Who were you DenverCoder9? What did you see?!

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