Minisite #3

To begin, I can pretty much say that I ran into all of the same problems that everyone else had as expressed in the class email chain. I think it will probably be hard for me to look at JavaScript ever again. My initial confusion in tackling this minisite was that I originally believed we were expected to somehow create our e-commerce page based on search results (like Google) without having access to any database. After realizing that was inaccurate, I felt a little less confused, but not completely.

I honestly wouldn’t have been able to even come close to finishing this project without assistance and extensive explanations about Javascript from a friend. I feel that actually implementing JavaScript into our own sites is much different that the stuff that we went through in CodeAcademy, because we were trying to utilize information already entered into our site to produce something else relevant. It was also not 100% helpful to just Google the questions I had because most of them were simply too specific to get relevant results.

The style I chose was based off of Google’s format, and that was probably the most fun part of this project for me. I chose my e-commerce site to be a Music based, directing users towards concerts in their area using the information gathered from the Registration page. It was really fun to make the theme centered around music. I connected a concerts section connected to what was searched in Scroogle that worked as my e-commerce site.

Here’s my site!

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