Notes from Cornelius presentation

The talk that Kathryn Cornelius delivered yesterday was both inspirational and informative. Before we all head out on Spring Break, I wanted to jot down key take-aways from her presentation. Near the end of class, she mentioned that she gets new ideas by browsing web galleries such as Design Fridge, CSS Mania, and The Best Designs.

Additional notes from Kathryn’s presentation follow the break.

This a cropped portion of a longer web comic by Brad Colbow. Visit his personal site for the complete archive of web development themed comic strips.

Key trends currently transforming the industry: responsive design (“mobile first,” percentages rather than pixels, query the browser to determine appropriate screen resolution), grid systems (core of responsive design), web typography (no longer limited to web-safe typefaces, kits like Google Fonts and Typekit are increasingly common, sometimes difficult to get copies of the fonts for non-web use in mockups), CSS3 and HTML5 (standardizing the ways that developers build sites, replacing <div> tags with specific functional tags for common page elements, superior audio/video integration, new types of form fields such as e-mail tag), and social media (people want to express themselves and share ideas/information).

Tips for success: browse web galleries, monitor industry blogs (Alistapart, Mashable, Smashing Magazine), take on personal projects (vital alternative to client mandates), and engage with the community (e.g. Drupal community).

Advice for designers: Focus on simplicity/minimalism. Don’t become too attached to a single design. Clients will always want to change it.

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