HTML Intermediate Foundation Badge!

So this foundation badge just completely slipped my mind as it was assigned MONTHS ago, and I kept putting it off and was so focused on my specialization badges that I completely forgot to upload this one. Anyways, I’m kinda of glad I completed this badge later in the semester, just because it really shows me how much I’ve improved in my HTML and CSS skills. Its crazy because I remember when I first read the description for this badge, I was somewhat confused and feared that it would take me a long time. But after conquering javascript, frameworks, and CSS, completely this badge was a piece of cake that literally did not take me long at all. I’ve learned how to utilize photoshop, though of course there’s always still room for much improvement.

However, this assignment was simple and pretty straightforward. I felt confident going in when making this badge and I believe the “6 Best Blogs To Follow If You Are A Web Designer” was one of the most useful, because the majority of the work I feel took place in just searching for different websites that focused on HTML and Web design rather than creating the actual site itself. So overall I didn’t have any problems and I’m so excited about how much I’ve improved on my coding skills! Yay HTML Intermediate Badge!

First page for HTML Intermediate Badge!

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