Chuck Klosterman to visit Trinity University

Screenshot from the event site

According to his bio, "One of the most singular and exciting cultural critics of our generation, Chuck Klosterman captures what it feels like to navigate our pop-obsessed, media-saturated culture."

As you know, Chuck Klosterman will visit Trinity University next week. At 7:00 p.m. on Monday, February 27, he will deliver a lecture about “life through the prism of popular culture” at the Ruth Taylor Fine Arts Center Recital Hall.

Chuck is the author of two readings from our course syllabus. His article “Space, time and DVR mechanics” explores the ways that digital recording has transformed our enjoyment of televised sporting events. We also read a short excerpt from Eating the Dinosaur in which Klosterman concedes much of the Unabomber’s critique of industrial civilization while gleefully acknowledging his complicity with our contemporary media landscape.

“Instead of confronting reality and embracing the Experience of Being Alive,” writes Klosterman. “I will sit here and read about Animal Collective over the Internet. Again. I will read about Animal Collective again. And not because the content is important or amusing or well written, but because the content exists. Reading about Animal Collective has replaced being alive.”

It will be a great talk. Please plan to attend, and please tell your friends.

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