Badge: HTML Intermediate- Dropek

I feel like a cheated a little bit with this one-but I copied from myself, so I don’t technically know if that’s cheating. I went back to my code for the lego people websites and used it to create a new skeleton that I would use as my starting point for coding all four pages for this badge.

I didn’t really have any problems except that I’m still dubious as to the huge awesome power of CSS we’ve been talking about. It’s probably because I just don’t know anything- but I have difficulty imagining how CSS can do anything fancy to the code used for these pages other than change the background color… But like I said, I don’t know much except for that I’m probably, usually wrong. So, yay for learning more soon! here’s the lovely, bland site itself!

Screenshot of Homework Site

A lovely aside, these blog articles were actually very interesting!

Addendum: I am terrible at making things pretty. I just went back in and put a screenshot of each blog referenced onto the page like Dr. Delwiche had done. But his site still looks way cooler than mine. Maybe it’s the inappropriateness of Baskerville font in this setting…c’est la vie.


About dropek

Moonlighting as a guest co-columnist for the esteemed Trinitonian, this blog is the place for sources, videos, discussion, further ramblings and everything else to do with what ends up in print!
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