Badge. HTML Basics

This assignment was pretty simple and straightforward. For some reason it was very exciting for me to do because it was essentially the first time I ever did something like this. I did not run into any issues once I figured out how to do the coding for everything. This assignment took me 30 minutes or so. I am sure that most of my questions that I have will be answered by the end of the semester. I hope that by the end I will have the ability to create a full blown website for myself in which I can incorporate both CSS and Javascript in there to really make it shine–but I realize I have a long way to go. I also hope that at some point we will discuss (either in class or outside) how to describe the web design skills we’ve acquired from this class in our resumes.

Screenshot of Recipe, HTML Basics Badge

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One Response to Badge. HTML Basics

  1. aarondelwiche says:

    Great point, Maddie! We certainly need to do this, and you should be sure to remind me of this as we approach the end of the semester. Also, keep in mind the fact that portfolio pieces will be even more important than items in your resume. We’ll revisit this as the semester progresses.

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