Badge. HTML Basics

I'm totally going to try this recipe now!

Simple whole wheat bread. Sounds very tasty. But first, I decided to print out a hard copy of the recipe and took notes on it, indicating the various changes in formatting such as heading, spaces, hyperlinks. I then mapped out the tags inside my notepad++ based on the notes I took and everything seemed to work out.

Overall, I did not really use any outside resource besides referencing the Freeman HTML reading we did a while back to check for syntax. Thus, no problems were encountered this entire process and the recipe was ready at once to be loaded into the server.

Currently, I don’t have any questions about HTML, but I am very excited about learning CSS soon!


About jonycfu

Hello! My name is Jon and I am currently a to-be Web Development Immersive student at General Assembly Hong Kong! I graduated with a double major in Business Marketing and Communications. In my spare time, I enjoy building computers, cooking, golfing, reading, and watching TV shows (e.g. Fringe, Breaking Bad, GoT, Sherlock, Parks and Rec, The Office, South Park, Futurama).
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