Technoanxiety. Got it?

Screenshot of my minisite on cultural fears of technology.

I met with few problems in the process of creating this minisite on cultural fears of technology and its power. The basic structure was simple and the content interesting. However, I decided to write my analysis first, which I mistakenly put in a Word document. Copying and pasting from Word did not work well-the characters for quotations and apostrophes didn’t translate and turned into funky symbols in the browser. I had to go through and change every dash, quote, and apostrophe. That was quite tedious, but other than that everything went smoothly.

I came up against more barriers trying to use some CSS to format the page and play around with the design, most of which were structural conventions in the code that I had to look up or figure out with trial and error (much error). It was fun though, like solving a puzzle. I failed to figure out how to make the inside of my border have a different background color though, and didn’t have the time to continue my trial and error process. I am determined to know, though. I will do it.

Playing around with CSS, I learned that there are seemingly infinite numbers of helpful tutorials and examples on the Internet. It was hard to stop once I started looking things up; it was all so easy to find. I also found it interesting to look at the source code for some simple websites to see their style sheets (I tried to do this to figure out the border-background issue, but to no avail). Opportunities for the curious are endless.

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