Minisite Numero Uno

The minisite assignment really wasn’t too terrible for me.  It was tedious more than anything, just making sure that every little thing matched on each of the pages. I stuck with the basic elements we have been using so far and took some of the CSS stuff from the Starbuzz assignment. I took away the borders and padding and just stuck with the sans-serif font and made the background color a slate-grey(although it does have a bluish hue to it). All of that was really easy. As far as resizing images go, that was no problem. I tried to get images that were already close in size and then just cropped all of them to be 400 x 300 pixels (that is width x height).

The gray goo page on my website - this was the page where I encountered my two big problems (click on image to go to page)

I had two minor problems on one of my pages. There was a block quote from the article by Bill Joy and I wasn’t sure how to do that without using the <p> tag. I googled how to indent  a paragraph in html and I scored a hit on the first try. I used the website Computer Help, which is a website built for things like this – to answer basic questions about things across various operating systems and program. It presented me with several options, but I went with the bottom one, the <blockquote> tag. I was unsure if it was in the banned list of tags or not but I decided to go ahead and use it. It worked quite well.

The other problem I had was trying to copy and paste text from a clean .pdf. The problem I encountered was the quotation marks and hyphens were different from what the text editor can use for an html document so it flipped out when I tried it in the browser. It was an easy fix though and I was able to just go through and replace all the weird quotation marks and hyphens with normal ones.

All in all, this assignment wasn’t too bad. It was more tedious and time-consuming than anything. If I decided to change something on one page, I had to go through all the other pages and change it. I would estimate this took me about 4 hours to do, maybe a little less.


About andrewtcoe

College student at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX majoring in Communications.
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