Minisite assignment- Paige Carlson

One of my four webpages. Isn't it pretty? The colors on the hyperlink change too.

So I finally uploaded my minisite to the web. For me, the easiest part of this whole thing was the basic coding. I love writing, yes, but I already had the simple html code done and so whereas normally writing the analysis would be the most fun part, here it was the html code. Though I didn’t really run into any problems with the initial html code and the finding quotes, I did run into some more problems when playing with to get the pictures all the same size and when playing with css.

I am not good with photoshop. It is a fact of my life that I am not good with photoshop. So I will admit, instead of using this time I went over to photobucket and used their editing program which makes life fairly easy once you figure it out. Then came css. I didn’t want my page to just be a boring old webpage. Instead I wanted to use colors where I could. Though css is another one of those things that I have never really been able to figure out.

Luckily, without much searching I found a website that made it fairly easy for me to understand the context and the concepts. Now my only difficulty is connecting to the server, and I blame the school’s techs for that one. The internet has been odd for a while. So I’ll post my link once I get them up.

I defeated the evil cisco! So go here for my site.

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