Hi Tech Presentiments

1st page of Minisite: Technology Takeover

The creation of my first minisite, I would say, went pretty well. I did not encounter any major setbacks, except for the fact that I didn’t know how to change the font color of the text (which I emailed you about, and then immediately found how to on Google). Something I also couldn’t recall how to do was changing the color scheme of the webpage, but just by simply reviewing back on the Starbuzz assignment and using the online source you referenced us to, I was able to quickly figure that out.

Overall, the assignment took me about 3 hours, between coding and also trying to think of creative titles and pick out good excerpts from the readings. One thing I noticed while doing the assignment was that I know we mentioned before that we should avoid using the <br>, and instead place any text in between <p></p> in order to structure the paragraphs however desired. However, when I did this, the text wouldn’t show up on the webpage how I wanted, so I ended up using the <br>. Other than that the assignment really helped me get the hang of the html format and accustomed to finding easier ways to organize the coding, file names, etc.

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