Badge. HTML Basics.

Delicious bread recipe. Click picture to see site in browser.

I found this assignment fairly easy and straight-forward. I completed it before finishing the minisite assignment, so I did have to consult the Freeman & Freeman chapter to remind me of basic things like where the <head> and <title> tags go and structural things like that. I also had to play around a little bit with the header sizes to ensure that the sizes were the same as in the example.

The most challenging part was the bullet lists and numbered lists. Initially my indents were off because I had forgotten the <ul> tag, and I had to remind myself that the <li> tag goes on every line of the list. So now I know.

Now that I’ve learned these basics, I would like to learn to bake this bread. But I think I’d add some other things, which is another thing I’ve learned coding helps you do… once you learn the basics you can branch off and create whatever you want.

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