Workflow tips for coding and designing (Part 1)

  • In most cases, you do not need to move files back and forth between your “local computer” (the computer you are using) and the web server. You can just publish all of your files to the web server at the end of the day when you’re done working on the project.
  • Remember that your folder names, file names, and image names should always be lowercase characters. Never use spaces.
  • It is often handy to have a temporary text file open that you can use as a placeholder for various bits of information. This was the purpose of the placeholder.txt file that you created during Monday’s assignment.
  • Get in the habit of carrying a small notebook in your backpack/purse/pocket, and use this to jot down things related to your current code or design projects.

File names and variable names.
Color codes that are part of a key color scheme.
Widths of images and other elements on the page.

  •  At least once a week, make sure that all of the files you have stored on the web server are also copied into your personal Dropbox folder. This way, you will be covered if the server crashes.
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