Smashing Magazine tutorial on Linux commands

Comic. "Make me a sandwich." "What? Make it yourself." "Sudo make me a sandwich." "OK."

If you have not experimented with Linux or UNIX, this comic might not make much sense. After you have worked through the Linux tutorial, you should revisit this page. (Source:

This week, the blog Smashing Magazine has an excellent tutorial (authored by Paul Tero) that covers basic Linux commands. As Tero explains, “as a website developer or server administrator, you would gain a big asset in becoming comfortable with these commands: for website emergencies, to configure a server and for your CV… [P]erhaps you need to archive some big files or make a change to the httpd.conf file or figure out why your website’s images have suddenly stopped loading. You might not want to pay $50 to your server’s administrator for a five-minute job. This article gives you the tools to make such changes yourself.”

In addition to being intrinsically interesting, the tutorial also ties in nicely with the “Power User: UNIX” specialization badge in our web design class. You can view Tero’s tutorial (“Introduction to Linux Commands“) by following the link to Smashing Magazine.

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