Badge. HTML Basics: lschluck

The most exciting screenshot ever.

The HTML basics assignment was not too difficult for me. I have been playing around with HTML and teaching it to myself since I was a young teenager. I used to spend hours slowly editing blank slates by trial and error, figuring out what each tag did. I also had a bit of practice of HTML tags when I wrote for HackCollege. Sometimes we’d have to go in manually and add breaks or links because SquareSpace would be dumb.

I looked at the original formatting of the recipe and simply went to work. Just by looking at the original page, I could tell how each item needed to be tagged: the title in h1, the beginning labels as strong, the ingredients in an list, and the instructions in an ordered list. It’s very methodical. I’m not sure I really encountered any problems with the HTML.f

So far, I don’t have any questions about HTML and web design, although I am anxious to continue onto CSS. The only things I really know about CSS are things I’ve taught myself, by going to “View Source” on blog layouts I liked, and picking and choosing things I liked from their layouts and applying it to mine. It was a really big hobby of mine in high school to edit layouts.

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