Badge. HTML Basics: Aly Miller

I essentially tackled this assignment by just looking at the recipe and then doing what I thought made sense to make this website look like the PDF. I’ve had experience with web development before so I was very familiar with all the tags we were using, so I did not really need to use any outside resources and I did not run into any major challenges.

I did have to go in and change how I did a couple of things originally–for example, I ended up changing the multiple <br> tags I was using in the ingredients lists to be an unordered list. So although it no longer looks identical to the PDF, there are not unnecessary <br>s throughout the code that clutters it, and the unordered list makes more sense from a structural standpoint.

I also had to change the way I thought about HTML for this assignment. I first learned HTML in middle school, because I was one of those really cool kids who thought that making websites on Geocities was super fun, and I didn’t even touch CSS until months after I considered myself a grand master of HTML (aka I was really good at copying and pasting from I learned how to change colors and fonts and other design elements on a page using HTML long before I learned how to do it using CSS. Because of this, the concept of having the HTML be purely structural is new to me. I am using to developing using a hybrid method, with some design elements in the CSS and some in the HTML. Thinking about it, the hybrid method I used made little sense, and I am excited to get used to using the new method of making all my HTML decisions purely based on the structure of the page.


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One Response to Badge. HTML Basics: Aly Miller

  1. johnnywendy says:

    I’m surprised you finished the assignment with Reddit open in the background!

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