Badge. HTML Basics

I completed this task pretty easily minus a few drawbacks. I have been playing around with HTML since middle school as I considered myself an “avid blogger” back then. When I considered myself an “avid blogger,” that meant I knew how to bold, italicize, change font and background color on websites like Xanga, Myspace, and LiveJournal. (Flashback, anyone?) With this assignment, I had to adjust to not using <b> and <i> for bolding and italicizing words along with not using <br> to create new lines of text. Trying to figure out how to create numbered lists was a bit of a challenge. To be completely honest, I ended up Googling exactly how to use the <li> tag.

The main resources I used were the handout we were given in class. Since I took notes on what exactly each command did, it did not make me very long to code the recipe. The recipe was not difficult to code since we had learned all of the commands during last Wednesday’s class.

My main difficultly was trying to figure out how to upload this file onto the server. After downloading Cyberduck, everything was a breeze. (Can I just say that I like Cyberduck way more than FileZilla?)

I was a little too tempted to try baking this in the Prassel kitchen...


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Communications and Business major at Trinity University. Class of 2014.
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