Badge. HTML Basics

My only problem would probably staying focused on the task. Alt-tab is an obstacle that I can never seem to avoid in any task. Aside from that, everything was quite smooth. I downloaded Filezilla on my laptop, and logged in to the appropriate host (though it did take me a few tries to remember that my password was something different). Created the html file, uploaded it and then I edited the index.html just so there’d be a link to this recipe. There was a slight issue with the linked file not working when I try to navigate using the index.html. The permissions were all wrong for the simplerecipe.html (this assignment), so I had to go and change that to allow for public and group read. I cannot wait for someone to start allow write permissions as well; I’ll be there ready to cause havoc on their files. Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.


Photo of my html text! I’m not even sure if this is what you meant when you said screenshot of the file, but here’s what you get. Haha. Sorry if it’s wrong! (Click on the picture to go to the html recipe on my server.)

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