Badge. HTML Basics: Dropek

I had the urge to bake this bread the entire project. But using yeast terrifies my n00b baking skillz

This lovely Sunday morning I dug into our first HTML Badge all the while wishing I could be digging into some whole wheat bread. Going through the motions of opening and closing element tags is actually pretty therapeutic and calming, who would’ve known! It reminds me of my old symbolic logic days (don’t ever open parentheses without closing them!).

The only real trouble I ran into was creating the numbered list. My old Myspace days taught me incorrectly that HTML was about how pretty/grungy “I may have been an Avril fan back in the day” I can make things when it really should only be used for structural purposes. I have a feeling this will just take some getting used to. I’m not gonna lie, I definitely Google searched how to use the <li> tags. Thanks goodness SOPA was dropped so that wikipedia is back to being fully available to wonderfully confused students! Woo!

Overall, I’m pretty pumped to get back into gear with HTML and re-memorize everything I had forgotten about what tags mean what and all those wonderful things!


About dropek

Moonlighting as a guest co-columnist for the esteemed Trinitonian, this blog is the place for sources, videos, discussion, further ramblings and everything else to do with what ends up in print!
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