Badge. HTML Basics-Paige

In order to tackle this assignment, the assignment being to replicate a PDF file that’s similar to what is shown in the picture, I needed very little outside resources. However, we had a webpage already set up as an exploration of the different HTML tags and a sheet of paper that we used to take notes on what each did precisely. By paying close attention to what I had discovered the tags to do and applying them each to the webpage I was able to recreate the page.

This is the replica page of the recipe we were presented in class.

Though it was easy enough to go through and match the look as I went from the top of the page to the bottom, I did come across one tag that gave me difficulty. The <br/> tag. I have blogged before with HTML and so I understood the magic of the break tag, but I hadn’t quite needed to manipulate it like I had here. Through guess and check though I found out how to make the ingredient list properly spaced out in accordance to its original format.

I don’t have many questions about HTML or the tags we’ve learned, but I would like to be able to play around in this sort of format. Where I have a page I need to replicate since it gives me an end to work to.

After clarifying a few things I fixed up the webpage so that now it looks like the updated PDF file. These changes included removing the <br/> and replacing them with list commands.

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