Badge. HTML Basics

Screenshot of Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

The way I approached this assignment included referring to the Starbuzz Coffee page I had created before, in order to help remind me of the basic structure of the coding. Other than that this badge did not take too long to complete. The one minor problem I had was when writing the recipe, the section where the “Prep Time,” “Cook Time,” and “Ready In” were arranged, I used the <h1></h1> code as a way to format these bolded words which in turn caused the “20 minutes,” “30 minutes,” and “3 hours” text to place itself beneath the titles rather than alongside them. So I finally figured out that those heading tags automatically stack the text, so the easy solution was just to substitute it with <strong> instead.

In addition to this, I definitely have had some trouble with my FTP connection. It’s pretty bipolar and sometimes decides to connect to the server, and other times not. It might just have something to do with the network at the school because lately my TUSecure has not worked, and I’ve only been able to access Internet through the TUGuest. Anyways, after several tries I finally got the file to transfer to the web server so here it is… enjoy the simple whole wheat bread recipe!

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