UFO: Unidentified Floating Object

Me learning to arrange my <div> and <img> tags to get the image to "float" properly 🙂

I have absolutely no idea still how the “overflow: auto” works in regards to which elements are included and excluded in its function, but I was able to get my page to finally look like the screenshot…yay!

But alas, I’m still quite troubled by floating objects and how they can sometimes defy the box model…or do they?

Other than that, everything else was very straight-forward. Fun assignment.


About jonycfu

Hello! My name is Jon and I am currently a to-be Web Development Immersive student at General Assembly Hong Kong! I graduated with a double major in Business Marketing and Communications. In my spare time, I enjoy building computers, cooking, golfing, reading, and watching TV shows (e.g. Fringe, Breaking Bad, GoT, Sherlock, Parks and Rec, The Office, South Park, Futurama).
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