Alien Encounters with CSS

alien web page snapshot

Click here to visit the page.

Finishing up this assignment was pretty straightforward. It took me some time to recreate the border, but I realized I could use an “outline” to simulate the effect.

I was also concerned that I wouldn’t be able to figure out the last page. Even after using overflow and setting my two divs to float right and left, I  still was not getting two columns. Then I realized I hadn’t set the width of the columns. This left the text looking unchanged. Easily solvable. As I was finishing up my blog post I also had trouble reaching and linking to my files on transmedia. Theoretically the picture should take you to the page but I’m having trouble testing it out.

I could have spent more time nitpicking to get the exact same effect on the header and the overall spacing. However, I thought I had the general concepts down.

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